January 18, 2012

Halloween haunted places in Quincy, Il 2010

2010 Subject: Halloween haunted places article

Hey Bro. Ed! So here is my article. I'm really disappointed because I was only able to fit like half of the stuff the you mentioned in it. Stories are really supposed to be between 300-500 words and mine is already 700 something, ha-ha, and that's with only scratching the surface of all the info you gave me. So please let me know if I have anything wrong or mixed up. and also, am I supposed to put OFM every time after your name? or is it okay to just put it the first time I reference you and leave it out the other times as I have done? (sry, I don’t really understand everything having to do with referencing people just yet, ha-ha) thanks! - Brittany

Like most people, I love nothing more than a good ghost story, and I thought it would be an excellent idea to get students acquainted with all of the ghost stories surrounding Quincy locations or haunted places in surrounding towns. So to be sure on the stories, I got my information from “Mr. Halloween” himself, Brother Ed Arambasich, OFM. Enjoy the following stories and go check these places out!

1) Woodland Cemetery
    This particular cemetery, located at 1020 S. 5th Street, is extremely old. A mausoleum sits on the grounds, and Brother Ed can attest to the fact that there have been many creepy things that have happened within the walls of the mausoleum. A couple of years ago, in fact, he took a few students into the mausoleum to see if they could see or hear any paranormal activity. The students and Brother Ed sat in a sort of semi-circle and waited very quietly. At one point, a student told Brother Ed that he felt a kind of electric current running through his chair and asked if he could get up and move. As soon as the student moved, a terrible crashing sound erupted from one of the crypts, scaring everyone and causing them to flee….

    Another time, students entered the mausoleum and placed a tape recorder in one of the corridors. At one point, they thought that they heard someone walking towards them. However, no one was there and they were frightened and ran away. Only after they left did they remember that they had forgotten the tape recorder. The group finally worked up enough courage to go back inside the mausoleum to fetch the recorder, and when they listened to it, they heard a voice say the name “Richard” three times. Te group went back the next day (during daylight hours, of course) and saw that the recorder had been placed directly across from the place where a man named Richard Hasse was buried…..

2) Quinsippi Island
    If you walk along the sidewalk that takes you back to the area where the large flag pole stands on Quinsippi Island, you will see an old abandoned factory building. This is all that is left of the old building units that used to stand there. Many years back, two employees were working with machinery when they had a terrible accident and were killed. People say that sometimes when you are back in that area, you can here the sounds of machinery working. Then all of a sudden, there is a screeching noise, and all of the sounds abruptly stop…..

3) MacHugh Theatre/Campus Ministry House
    The story is that old Hugh Fitzgerald himself can be seen still directing the students up in the light booth in the theater. As for the Campus Ministry house, it is haunted by a young girl named Edith Blanche Ritter. On Fr. Bill’s birthday a few years back, Brother Ed had asked the Delta Tau Delta boys if they would play a trick on Fr. Bill, who was their moderator at the time, for his birthday and scare him. The boys all hid in the top floor of the house. As Brother Ed was leading Fr. Bill to the house, the boys suddenly all ran from it screaming! They said that they had heard someone walking towards them, as well as the sound of a rattle shaking…..

4) Quincy University North Campus
    About two years ago, some QU maintenance workers came up to Brother Ed and told him that they saw Br. Herb Althoff, OFM retreating from room 319 in Building A. There was only one problem with this story - he had been dead for ten years. When Brother Ed looked up that room number in the registry, Br. Altdorf’s old bedroom was room 319…..

5) Dick Brother’s Brewery
    There is a story that an old man nicknamed “Sudsy” was working at the brewery one night and fell into a vat of beer and drowned. He now haunts the place…..

Brother Ed Arambasich, OFM will be taking students on tour of Woodland Cemetery at 7:30 PM on October 29th. Students should put themselves into groups of 5. To sign up, call Brother Ed at 217-316-9272 or look him up on face book under the name “Bro Ed.”Also, anyone interested in folklore should know that Dr. John Schleppenbach, President of Missouri Folklore, will be having a conference at the Mark Twain Museum and Quality Inn Conference Center from November 6-8 for anyone interested.

    So to all of you ghost story believers out there, happy spirit hunting!